Tuesday, May 18, 2010

NL leads NS 6-5 in political scandal charges

The Globe and Mail reports today that Nova Scotia Auditor General Jacques Lapointe has called in the RCMP to investigate four former and one current member of the legislature for possible criminal activity involving their expense claims.

But NL’s constituency allowance scandal still leads the way with six charges (and six convictions).

Nova Scotia’s AG is to release a report today that doesn’t name names or many other details about the five cases.

The AG began the deeper forensic investigation after an initial report in February highlighted a number of inappropriate purchases — big-screen TVs, custom-built furniture, etc. — by members of the legislature between July 2006 and June 2009.

The scandal led to one resignation and, as The Globe reports, caused the government to announce changes in the way expense accounts for members of the legislature are governed and how they are publicly reported.

Here in NL, our constituency allowance scandal eventually led to convictions against four MHAs (Tory Ed Byrne, Liberals Jim Walsh and Wally Andersen, and New Democrat Randy Collins), as well as convictions against Bill Murray, the House of Assembly’s former director of financial operations, and businessman John Hand.

It’s hard to believe that MPs have refused to allow the auditor general of Canada to review the books of the House of Commons and Senate, considering what's been found in NS, NL and the United Kingdom.

The seeds of suspicion have been planted and are sure to grow.

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Craig said...

Ryan I couldn't agree with you more. I have no idea what they are thinking in Ottawa. After the sponsorship scandal and other scandals like when Senator Andrew Thompson only attended 14 senate meetings in 7 years. He was the guy they called the Tequila Senator because he spent all his time in Mexico....in fact he faxed his Senate resignation in from his Mexican Villa, hows that for a kick in the teeth for the Canadian tax payer.

After all the crap that has gone on I can't believe their smugness. Have you asked Libby Davies why she is refusing to allow this? The opposition has the power on this committee with a majority of the members and the Chair