Wednesday, April 7, 2010

‘Our local MHA has outdone Rip Van Winkle'

Blasts from NL's past

“This measles malady has spread throughout our town, scarcely a house but has been visited, in some cases seven and eight are suffering in one family at a time, happily so far, few fatal cases are reported.”
The Star, and Conception Bay Weekly Reporter, Harbour Grace, April 15, 1874.

“Seals were very plentiful here at Seal Island about a week ago, but the ice was in solid and it was hard going to try and get any. That week was hard work for the women of the Island too. They had to clean all the skins that were got and the old hoods were big and heavy to handle. You wanted your hulhues sharp for the job.”
Cartwright Courier, April 15, 1969.

“Dear Sir — I wonder if there is some recognition or a place in history for people who sleep too long. We are all familiar with the tales of Rip Van Winkle who slept for 20 years. Now it seems to me, Sir, that our local MHA has outdone Rip Van Winkle, for he has been asleep for the past 21 years. Our local radio station is doing a fine job of building up Alex Hickman since he joined the PCs. Maybe they could do something for him. Of course, some sort of breathing devise would have to be hooked up to him first. Yours very truly, Wide Awake.
Burin Peninsula Post, April 15th, 1970.

April 16, 2006
“I want people to work 60 or 70 hours a week instead of trying to scrape up enough hours to get enough weeks (to qualify for EI).”
— Jim Bennett, then leader of the Liberal Party of Newfoundland and Labrador, as quoted in The Independent newspaper.
According to The Economy 2010, one of the provincial government's budget documents released in late March, the unemployment rate for 2009 rose to 15.5 per cent — the highest in Canada. Employment declined 2.5 per cent to 214,900 “due to the negative impact of the recession on many resource industries.”
Sixty- or 70-hour work weeks are a ways off yet.

April 6, 2007
“The monster is here to stay. It’s worldwide; it’s provincewide. It’s a part of the government revenues, part of business.”
— Addictions counselor Gary Parsons on VLTs, as quoted in The Independent newspaper.
The Danny Williams administration expects to collect $101 million in lottery revenues in the 2010/2011 fiscal year. In comparison, the province expects to take in $132 million from the Newfoundland Liquor Corporation, $111 million in payroll tax and $119 in tobacco tax.


Anonymous said...

You consider yourself a Politician; Maybe you consider yourself the MP in waiting for a riding you lost by a mere 1000votes. You want people to assume you are ready to defend the rights of the people. But your blog endlessly produces jokes stories and political arguments and innuendo of the past. ( I think it’s time you got off the pot, cannabis, hash, or skunk what ever it is you are smoking and get serious) sober up! jesus H!!!

Talk about the REAL issues, or even Create issues, but you being serious is more important to your success, than you must realize. We all can’t be Rick Mercers, and your talent as a sarcastic humorist is a late brew of dead headlines. I really think you have lost it, and your bubble has burst. spoof
My God man Mary Walsh for Governor General she does not deserve the sweat off Steve Harpers cranium let alone another role in a Canadian Movie production.
But seriously is that all you can produce. Get your frigging head out of the ash tray! Maybe you should consider for a second what you’re doing by typing this tribe of shit; people might not take you serious if you keep it up.
I know you lost my vote that is for sure!

Michael R said...

I’m thinking that’s a vote Ryan would be happy to lose, Anonymous. Some people have no sense of humour and appear unable to spot a joke (the Mary Walsh post) which points to a bigger issue (that there has never been a NL Governor General). Perhaps you would rather read a single-minded talking head spouting rhetoric that’s more likely to get him elected? Personally, I’d rather read the insightful and sometimes light-hearted opinions of an informed human being.

Anonymous said...

Those who forget their past are doomed to repeat it.

Anonymous said...

Relative Thinking… impulsive Children

I think the point has to be made if Politicians want to be taken seriously and worth every vote and dollar they earn. They have to be professional,accountable and act and respond in a professional manner. It’s better to think twice and say nothing. Maybe listen learn and observe than to mouth off. Why should the position of Governor General should be dictated or even suggested that it be a Newfoundlander. On what merit is that (We have not been that yet, so we derserve it Bydalard Jingo’s) Hog Wash! A true Politician should have some kind of list of principles, manifesto etc. A to-do list once elected. (what ya gonna do for me shite)

And Michael R… Whom ever you are! Votes are what elects people not jokes so lose the jokes and win the Votes, is the Rule of thumb. If you require insightful and sometimes light-hearted opinions get a therapist. We require sound focused decision making in Canada . A country is at stake, and is possibly on the verge of collapse. We have a federally funded separatist dodging the country coast to coast. And No party or person is chasing him trying to save Canada! Nah fuck ya! tell some jokes… have a few draws and a few laughs go for coffee. Were in Canada man!

And last but not least “Those who forget their past are doomed to repeat it.” is not a statement of truth. Einstein would correct you and reply. “Those who accept the past will repeat it, History is just the time line of experiments.”

God i love this!