Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Next B'y

What happens when Danny’s gone?
Who will replace him?
Who could replace him?
What will we do without him?

These are the questions of 2010 and beyond …

If the heart operation didn’t give Danny a mortality wake-up call, it should have bonged in the ears of the rest of us.

Who will be The Next B'y to follow in the footsteps of Joey, Frank, Brian, Clyde, Brian (the one with good hair), and Danny?

(Tom, Beaton and Roger weren’t messiahs so much as stand-ins.)

Who is larger than life enough to light up the stage, at home and away?

Who is strong enough to kick Ottawa’s arse when she has it coming, as she so often does?

Or diplomatic enough to avoid the arse-kicking, while achieving the same result?

Any names out there in webland?
NTV has been marketing itself lately as a breaking news station, and an exclusive interview with Danny during Monday’s supper-hour newscast at the premier’s $1.4-million Sarasota, Fla. condo (as reported in The Globe and Mail) — the first such interview since news of his U.S. heart surgery went viral — should help solidify the reputation.

We shall see Danny on Monday when Fred Hutton drops by his pad.

No doubt, Danny will talk about the operation and why he didn’t have it at home.

But I’m more interested in the premier’s future …

As for NTV, it’s criticized in some media circles for its “soft news,” although it’s doing something very right, as measured by its continued domination of the ratings.

We shall see whether Fred mixes a fast-pitch or two in with the gently lobbed questions. I’m betting he will.

Fred’s an intelligent journalist and a nice guy.

Looks good on 'em ...
I don’t say we’ll need The Next B'y for a little while yet.

I bet Danny will stay on until the 2011 election. I also predict he will do a lower Churchill deal before then.

To leave his mark.

Danny would have to be foolish to stay on as premier beyond then, into a third mandate.

At 60, he’s still a young man, but a young man with health issues. That’s scary stuff. And he’s sitting on a fortune.

Why would he want the added heartache?

Unless he’s power mad ...
Danny’s replacement could come from any of the three parties — Conservative, Liberal or New Democrat.

If our political past teaches us anything, it's that we’re more into our captains than their ships.

Which party will the Next One sail in on?

— Ggt —

Coming next: Grownup Movie Star and the Tommy Sexton benefit.

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