Friday, February 19, 2010

The Newfoundland edge

Today’s Globe and Mail headline has it right: Canada sighs with relief after close call versus Swiss.

Team Canada pulled out a skin-of-the-teeth 3-2 shootout win over Switzerland Thursday night. But it wasn’t just relief I felt at the result; it was disbelief.

How is it that a country of hockey gods can barely squeeze by a country of hockey unknowns, mere mortals?

The answer dawned on me early this morning, much like an epiphany (or an elbow to the head).

Team Canada is missing a Newfoundlander. More specifically, Team Canada is missing Danny Cleary.

The proof?

Following a January 2008 fight between then-Anaheim Duck defenceman Chris Pronger (who plays with Team Canada) and Cleary, a TSN commentator had this to say: “There’s a six-inch height difference … which Cleary makes up for by being from Newfoundland.”

Tell me we couldn't use that in the Olympics ...


Peter L. Whittle said...

Was Cleary even invited to try out?

Glad to see your updating regularly.

Fisherman's Road said...

Cleary was one of 46 invitees to Hockey Canada's Olympic orientation camp last July. He won the Stanley Cup with the Red Wings in 2008 and had another impressive showing during the 2009 playoffs. He’s a damn good player who works both ends of the ice and comes through in the crunch. So, yeah … he got invited to try out. Some proud, b’y.