Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hair and now

Days and days of debate over Danny Williams’ decision to travel to the U.S. for a heart operation and all the talk is about his hair.

Known for parting his hair down the middle, the premier’s hair is now parted on the left side of his head, combed towards the right.

Consensus is he looks younger, but then the Florida tan helps, as does the slight weight loss.

“I was violated in my sleep,” the premier is quoted in the Canadian Press (which quoted the exclusive NTV interview), referring to how his hairstyle came to be changed.

No word on how Canadian hairdressers feel about Danny getting his hair styled south of the border.

Williams’ decision to have his heart operation carried out in the States ignited a firestorm of talk about public versus private care.

The premier’s office was also heavily criticized for its communication strategy (or lack thereof). In the end, all it took was a new hairdo and all is forgotten.

People just seem genuinely relieved that the premier came through OK and he’s doing well.

Ultimately, I guess, people asked themselves what they would do if they were in the premier’s shoes — if money were no object in terms of accessing the best health care available — and their answer was that they would do the same.

No disrespect to our great Medicare system.

There is no crisis.

NTV certainly scored with its exclusive interview with the premier. The ratings must have been through the roof.

CBC Radio reported this morning that the premier turned down a CBC interview request because of remarks made by commentator Bob Wakeham during a recent panel discussion.

Wakeham said he thought the media should have dug more into a specific aspect of the premier’s private life a few years ago.

As I wrote recently, for Wakeham to bring up Williams’ private life when the premier was unable to defend himself, and when Wakeham had ample opportunity ages ago as a columnist to do so, is rather gutless.

Better be careful Bob — hair today, gone tomorrow.

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Dale Kirby said...

Wakeham has no class. Judging from his buffoonery on CBC Radio this morning, he appears to be proud of that.