Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The following comment was telephoned into CBC Radio’s Morning Show on Thursday, Feb. 4, 2010:

My name is Ryan Cleary and I’m calling from St. John’s.

First off, my apologies for calling in rather often, but it seems I’m quite off at odds with what Bob Wakeham has to say.

In a panel discussion earlier this week regarding the debate over Premier Danny Williams’ health issues and the public’s right to know … near the tail end Wakeham said he thought the media should have dug more into a specific aspect of the premier’s private life a few years ago.

Wakeham more or less called the media to task for not be more aggressive then.

As the then-editor in chief of The Independent newspaper, we had a real debate in the newsroom and amongst columnists whether to report on the premier’s private life.

We decided against it — Williams’ private life should be just that — private. It did not impact on his public life.

And we were a newspaper — not a tabloid.

For Wakeham to bring up Williams’ private life now — when the premier’s unable to defend himself, and when Wakeham had ample opportunity ages ago as a columnist — is rather gutless.

Have a good morning.

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